Situation-ships: Love, Lust, or Convenience?

Ah, situation-ships. I know a lot of people in them. #1 Reason, convenience. The lovechild of a sizzling hot love affair and an ice-cold business transaction. They say love is complicated, but have you ever been in a situationship? A situationship is like a relationship, but without the label, the commitment, or the predictability. It could turn into a more complicated relationship but it’s a gray area that makes you question everything you thought you knew about love, lust, and convenience. So the million-dollar question is - is it love, lust, or convenience that keeps situationships from sinking?
1. Convenience, Darling!
One of the main reasons people find themselves in situationships is convenience. It’s easy to be with someone who can provide you with the comfort you need when you’re low on funds or don’t have a place to crash. The appeal of having no-strings-attached comfort and intimacy can be alluring for the young and restless.
2. The Lustful Temptation
Lust can also be a powerful motivator for situationships. Sometimes, the rush that comes with being swept up in the passion and attraction between two people can be hard to resist. The idea of having a physical relationship without the commitment can be a great fit for busy people who don’t want to deal with the complications of a traditional relationship.

3. The Illusion of Love
It’s not uncommon for people in situationships to confuse the convenience and lust with love. The illusion of having a “special connection” with someone can be enough to keep them around longer than they should. Sometimes people will hold on their situationships with the hope that things will turn into something more, a real relationship where they can finally shed the label of being a “situationship.”

4. Expectations and Labels
The tricky thing about situationships is that there is no clear path on where they’re going. Sometimes, expectations and labels can complicate matters even further. Laying down clear expectations and what both parties want out of a situationship can help avoid misunderstandings.

5. The End of the Road
At some point, every situationship comes to an end. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth packing your bags and getting out before you’re forced to say goodbye. It’s important to remember that situation-ships can be great occasionally, but shouldn’t be the norm.

Situation-ships are a product of our modern, fast-paced lifestyle. They can provide you with the comfort and intimacy you need without the responsibilities that come with a traditional relationship. While they can be convenient, lustful, and even make us think we are in love, situation-ships are not for everyone. It’s essential to consider why you’re in the situation in the first place and think realistically about what you want out of it. As always, communication is key, so make sure you lay down your expectations and understand what you both want out of the situation-ship before diving in.

by: Mr. Pecker® Copyright © 2023 All Rights Reserved