Step by Step Instructions 

Don’t use over carpet. Use only over solid surfaces like a tile or wood floor. Put down some newspaper or a plastic bag to cast over. Spills will occur. 

For Best Results: Make sure you are ready to get your pecker hard and be able to keep it hard. You may need a helping hand. Use only water based lube on your pecker for easier casting release (optional). Using a cock ring can help maintain an erection. Read all the directions first and watch our Mr. Pecker® cloning video for the best results.

The cloning tube has an end cap that comes off for easy cleaning. The end cap is not fixed to the tube. Make sure you have a couple of inches of threading on the cap pushed all the way onto the tube supporting it. Make sure the cap is fit snug and tight before casting. While casting keep one hand holding the tube under the cap. 



  • Mr. Pecker® Bucket
  • Mr. Pecker® Cloning Tube®
  • 1 Mr. Pecker® Magic Mix™ (Shake Well Before Use)
  • Thermometer
  • 1 Stir Stick
  • Water (not included)
  • Timer/Stopwatch (not included / follow our video online)
  1. Adjust your water to 38C on your thermometer (100F). 
  2. Get hard & extend the Cloning Tube to your pecker size. Add 1/2” inch for extra casting space. Use the chart below for an accurate casting.
  • Pecker Size, Magic Mix™ & Water Chart
  • Up to 8” :        Use 1 4oz Magic Mix™ & 22oz of water.
  • From  8”-12” : Use 1 6oz Magic Mix™ & 32oz of water.

3. Massage Magic Mix pouch for 30 seconds well before pouring into the water.
4. Pour 1 Mr. Pecker® Magic Mix™ into the bucket and stir rapidly. Mix rapidly until the mixture thickens. This activation can happen differently for people depending on their water temp and mixing consistency. The mixture should get thick like cake batter and go from watery dark blue to thick light blue batter consistency. After the color change happens you have 30 seconds to pour the mix into the extended tube and put your pecker in before firming up



    • Mr. Pecker® Cloning Tube®
  1. Pour the mixture into the extended tube. Make sure your pecker is hard.
  2. Insert your pecker into the tube within 30 seconds of pouring the mix into the tube (it will start solidifying soon). Take a moment to make sure your pecker is centered and not hitting the tube wall. Guide your pecker using one hand and hold the tube with the other. 
  3. Wait about 2 1/2 - 3 minutes, until the mixture is firm to the touch to pull your pecker out. When the mixture feels firm slowly pull out your pecker out of the Cloning Tube®.

Make sure there is a nice hole in the center (If you messed up, clean out the tube and try again. You can re-use the Cloning Tube®. Do not rinse contents in the sink. It will clog the sink. Only use a paper napkin to push the contents in the Cloning Tube® out into the trash. Wipe off all residue). 



  • Plastic Mixing Cup
  • Stir Stick
  • Gloves
  • Cloning Tube®
  • Mr. Pecker® Cloning Mix®
  • Vibrator (Optional)
  1. Time to put on your gloves and get out your stir stick. Turn your tube upside down on a paper towel for 10-15 minutes to release extra moisture. 
  2. Massage your Cloning Mix® pouches for 30 seconds. Pour 1 Mr. Pecker® Cloning Mix A pouch + 1 B pouch into a mixing cup. Mix well for 1 minute with stir stick. 
  3. Next, pour your silicone cloning mixture into the Cloning Tube®. Scrape out all mixture well. Fill the tube to the top. Adjust the bottom of the tube to even out if needed. Use a paper napkin to level out and avoid overspill.
  4. Next, get out the vibrator (optional) if you want to have it in. Cut out a long thin piece of cardboard with a hole in the center. Place the vibrator into the center of the cardboard cutout. Insert the vibrator to the top center of the Cloning Tube® into the center of the mold. Now you're all done! Just wait for a minimum of 60 minutes before removing your cloned pecker.
  5. After 60 minutes gently remove your newly cloned pecker from the Cloning Tube®!



  • Clean out the tub and tube and throw away any residue into the trash not the sink. Put the tub and tube on the side to dry. Your new Mr. Pecker® cloned pecker is made from platinum cure silicon and can be washed with soap and water to keep clean. The silicone is considered skin and body safe when cured for a minimum 60 minutes and mixed in a 1:1 ration. This product is considered a novelty item. Use a condom to keep your Mr. Pecker®  clean and fresh and wash with warm soap and water after every use. 
  • WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Throw away any used materials including used gloves, mask, stir sticks, used pouches, plastic wrap and used pouches and used packaging. Do not eat. Seek immediate medical attention if ingested. 
  • Store your Mr. Pecker® Cloning Tube® inside your tub with your newly cloned pecker. It's a perfect discreet storing spot for all your personal toys!
  • Purchase more Cloning Mix® on our website and use the extra Magic Mix for another Mr. Pecker® clone with the Mr. Pecker® Cloning Tube®!
  • Do not ingest items. Seek medical attention immediately if swallowed. 
  • Keep away from children and pets. 
  • For ages of 18+ only
  • Use only as directed. Watch the online instructional videos before use.